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14 very useful items to keep in your car


Every driver should have these must-haves on hand to keep in their car for day-to-day emergencies.

Tissues, napkins and wipes

You don’t have to have kids to make a mess, so stock up on paper towels, paper towels, and wet wipes in case you ever spill your coffee or mistakenly spray your However, best never to use antibacterial wipes in these situations!

 You never know when you’re going to have a big oil puddle to wipe up, change a tire, or when you’re going to have to strap it to your rear view mirror if you break down.

Essential papers

You absolutely must keep your insurance certificate, owner’s manual and contact information for your roadside assistance service (CAA or other) in your glove box. You would also be well advised to have the contact details of your mechanic on board. Here are the things mechanics would never do to their own car!

Phone charger

Why let your phone battery slowly die when all you have to do is plug it into the car’s electrical outlet or USB port?  So it will be there when you need it most!

There are probably some car features that you have, but didn’t know existed!

Electric lamp

You won’t always be able to rely on your phone’s flashlight (especially if you’ve forgotten to charge it), so it’s best to invest in a good quality flashlight and make sure to change the batteries regularly. A lamp can also help you warn other motorists if you are stuck without lights and also signal that you need help.

Small tool kit

Even if you’re not a mechanic, it’s good to have a small tool kit in the car, along with a pressure gauge, duct tape, and WD-40. Sometimes a hammer and screwdriver can get you out of trouble if you have an unexpected repair to do on the road.

Bottle of water

Remember your resolution to drink more water? Always have a large reusable water bottle on board when you go shopping. Then fill it out when you get home. So you’ll always be well hydrated… plus you’ll save money – no need to buy drinks when you’re away from home.

Coupons and gift cards

The coupons we always need always seem to be at the bottom of the kitchen drawer!

Same goes for the gift cards you’ve been dragging around for ages, swearing you’ll use them “next time I’m around.”

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Grocery bags

Always have a few reusable bags on hand for unexpected stops at the supermarket or other stores. Some businesses may charge you for a plastic bag (and it is very likely that they will be outright banned in a few years).

And even with a few cents per bag, it could add up to a lot of money after a while.

A notepad and a pencil

It’s always handy to have a notepad and (working) pencil in your glove compartment. This might come in handy more often than you think – for example when you need to write a note to your child’s gym teacher or sign a permission slip, or when your GPS has lost signal and you need to stop and write down instructions.

First aid kit

It’s the kind of stuff you hope you never have to use, but always have on hand. First aid kits usually contain an assortment of essentials, from bandages to aspirin and bandages.

Small change

Yes, you still risk coming across parking meters and tolls that work with 25 and 10 cents! Keep coins in a small storage box so you can grab them at a glance.

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