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Signs That Your Windshield Was Not Correctly Installed


You should not put off replacing your broken or cracked windshield for safety reasons. You want to make sure that your new windshield was installed correctly. Poor technique or even carelessness in the replacement of a windshield can cause serious problems. Look out for these telltale signs if you suspect that the job of replacing your windshield was a failure.

The Glass Was Installed by Only One Person

In order to replace a windshield properly, at least two technicians must be present. They will need to ensure that the glass is aligned correctly before it’s secured. There’s a chance that your windshield was not installed correctly if you saw only one technician.

Gloves Were Not Worn by the Installers

Installers of new windshields should wear gloves to prevent oil from being transferred onto the glass. The reason is that the new windshield glass has a urethane coating, which is necessary to secure the glass properly. Oils can be transferred to the urethane and reduce its adhesion strength, resulting in leaks. The technician should have worn a new pair of nitrile gloves while working on your windshield. It may be necessary to assess your windshield to make sure there are no leaks or problems.

The Glass Replacement You Received Is Not the Original

It is important to have your windshield replaced by the original glass from the vehicle’s manufacturer. This will ensure a good fit and a long-lasting fix. If you don’t have proof that the replacement glass was made by your vehicle manufacturer, there is a chance that installers used after-market components to save money. They may even have taken your replacement glass out of a junkyard. A reputable company can trace the glass back to its original manufacturer, ensuring a perfect fit.

Water Seeps Through Your Windshield

Have you checked your new windshield for any leaks? Consider taking your car for a drive in the rain if you haven’t already. Take your car to a car wash, and pay attention to the area where the glass meets the edge of the windshield. If even a single drop of water enters your car, it means your glass was not installed correctly and will need to be repaired.

You Notice a Strange Noise at Higher Speeds

A dull “whooshing”, or a similar sound, is another common sign of windshield glass that was installed incorrectly. This can happen at high speeds. Most likely, you’re hearing the sound of the wind blowing into the cracks or crevices in your windshield where it was installed incorrectly. The noise can be very subtle or loud, depending on the quality of the installation. Next time you drive at highway speeds, shut off your windows, AC/head, and radio. You can then listen carefully for any noises that may be coming through your window.

The Glass Is Visibly Wavy

Your windshield glass should be smooth and uniform when you view your car under the sun. You will know that your windshield glass is not of high quality if you see any bumps or waves in it. This is another sign that the installer did not purchase your windshield glass directly from the manufacturer.

You Drove Your Car Shortly After Installation

Was your installer’s “green light” given to you immediately after your windshield was replaced so that you could drive home? It’s possible that your windshield was not installed correctly if you answered yes. This is because adhesives used to secure a new glass in place take a few days to harden and cure. If you drive your car before it has had time to cure and harden, the glass will shift as you drive. Shifting can occur even when you drive over the smallest bumps on the road. If you drive your car within the first couple of hours after installing the new glass, then it is almost certain that the glass will not sit properly.

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