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How to negotiate a used car with a professional?


After long searches to find a second-hand vehicle, you unearth the coveted car from a professional, but the price offered by the seller exceeds your budget. You then have to debate it to bring it down. If you are wondering what are the tips to apply to negotiate the used car, this page of the guide is perfect for you. Find tips on how to lower the price of the used car you plan to buy.

1 Examine the vehicle carefully

2 Try to include additional services

3 Ask for additional equipment

4 In the case of a vehicle that is difficult to resell

5 Come at the right time

6 The essentials to remember

Examine the vehicle carefully

To lower the price of a used car , the main strategy to use is to find its various weak points to depreciate it. To achieve this, start by inspecting the exterior of the vehicle. You will easily see any scratches and dents.

But as the cars in the dealership are often prepared before your visit, you will have to be extra careful. Indeed, some professionals manage to hide certain aesthetic defects of the car for sale.

Thus, it will be necessary to proceed with meticulousness starting from the outside towards the passenger compartment . Try to examine the areas most exposed to knocks and corrosion such as the rocker panels. Do not forget to scan the hoods, windows and doors before accessing the interior of the vehicle. Now is the time to assess the condition of the seats and the operation of the various vehicle equipment such as air conditioning, heating, car radio, etc.

Each defect noted on all of these points can be used as an argument to lower the price of the car and lead to an amount adapted to your budget. However, it may happen that the seller does not give in. So why not consider the possibility of requesting extra services?

Would you buy a car without being sure of its history?

Don’t take the seller’s word for it and check it out for yourself!

Check the history of a car

Try to include additional services

As it is a second-hand vehicle, to ensure a quick sale of the product in stock, mechanics are sometimes willing to take certain services at their expense : vehicle registration document, penalty, etc. This is a commonplace approach. , but able to allow you to earn a few hundred euros. If you manage to get the professional to take care of several steps, this will contribute to making some savings on the purchase price.

Ask for an addition of equipment

In the absence of additional services, you can try to request an addition of equipment . You know it: some car parts can be expensive. However, in some cases, these do not represent much for the mechanic compared to the margin he can benefit from on the vehicle.

As a result, do not hesitate to negotiate the installation of certain equipment such as floor mats, a car radio, a tow ball… In short, these are some useful optional elements to justify the purchase price of Car. Maneuver with a little subtlety, and the seller, failing to review the cost of the used car, could include some accessories of this kind in your transaction.

In the case of a vehicle that is difficult to resell

Does the second-hand model have an assertive look : sports kit, stripes on the bodywork, bright paint, etc.? ? Be careful, often, sellers often try to pass it off as an asset. Keep in mind that such custom vehicles are hard to sell , and sales reps know that. This is especially true if it is not a factory look, but the result of customization by the previous owner. In this specific case, make him understand that the car will require some modifications before meeting your expectations, and de facto, you propose a slightly lower offer to be able to cover these works as a result.

If he hesitates, continue by sketching a parallel with the selling prices of similar vehicles that you have encountered during your investigations. In the event of a favorable outcome, the professional will be able to show some understanding, especially if he has had this car in his stock for a long time.

People at a car professional, to buy a used car

Come at the right time

Unless you have a tight deadline, consider planning your used car purchase for the end of the year . During this period, motivated by target bonuses, some salespeople give in more easily. Concessions push them to do so in order to sell old models and make room for models of the coming year. It is also in their interest to sell off their stock as much as possible to pay less charges.

Don’t be in too much of a rush

If all of these strategies prove useful in lowering the cost of the used vehicle, know that you must not show your impatience to become an owner of the car, whatever your needs. To negotiate the price of the used car, in this case, make him feel like you might as well buy another vehicle somewhere else, even if you really want his. This also applies when negotiating a second-hand home .

Thus, the seller will know how to make a commercial gesture to win your favors. However, don’t overdo it , because he might think he’s wasting his time and decide to let you try your luck elsewhere. As always in negotiation, the secret lies in compromise!

The main thing to remember

To properly negotiate your new used car with a professional, you will need to have convincing arguments. Indeed, a professional will want to sell you a vehicle at its initial price as he sets it. However, if you are really interested, you can negotiate its price with the dealer.

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