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Top 5 of the most monstrous motorcycles without A license


You have the car license and the passion for large cars, but you have neither the motivation nor the budget to pass the A license? Don’t panic: here are 5 ultra-powerful motorcycles that only require a B license. Watch out: 100% power and testosterone selection.

The Swiss manufacturer Gruter & Gut (GG) surprised the world of inverted motorized tricycles by releasing the Taurus which uses a BMW engine. With a more or less evocative look of the bull (we also think of the buffalo), this machine is very particular, comfortable, but much less stylized than its American competitor, the Can Am quad.

1. Can Am Spyder RS ​​(BRP)

With its six-spoke rims and its Batpod look, the Can Am Spyder RS ​​is a benchmark in terms of inverted tricycles. The stitched saddle and the design body make this three-wheeler without a license a model of its kind. Since the 2013 model, new developments have been made to make the Can Am one of the five craziest machines in this ranking.

Very surprising model signed Rewaco, this family size trike (for 3 people) mixes vintage and modernity. This vehicle is ready to take you on an adventure! A 7-speed automatic transmission also provides dynamic driving.

2. Celtic (Side Bike)

The most innovative trike, both technically and aesthetically, is undoubtedly the Celtik. It was produced in the department of Isère by Side Bike, and after a tough battle in 2007, obtained the precious certification. The chassis allows in particular to have the same position as on a motorcycle. Braking is integral with ABS on all three wheels.

The Canadian brand Campagna has bet on an incredible machine, reminiscent of Star Wars. We wonder if this tricycle is more like a trike or a car without a license. With an almost insolent price, this three-wheeled motorcycle without a license has never crossed the Atlantic to run aground in France.

What are the conditions for driving a Trike?

To drive a trike, several conditions must be met. Admittedly, the A license is not essential, but you must at least meet these criteria:

Tricycles whose power does not exceed 15 kW (20 HP) can be driven with the A1, A2, A3, A, B or B1 license (obtained before January 19, 2013). Attention, holders of a driving license B obtained from January 19, 2013, not holding a motorcycle license, must be at least 21 years old, 2 years of license, and have followed the 7 hour training to be able to drive. these vehicles.

Tricycles whose power exceeds 15 kW (20 HP) must be over 21 years old in any case.

Are exempt from training those who can justify driving a tricycle, or a light motorcycle, between January 1, 2006 and January 1, 2011, even for one day (article R221-8 of the the road). Proof must be provided by a document issued by an insurer: the statement of information .

It is necessary to have a motorcycle license to be able to drive, except in certain cases:

What license to drive a 50cc motorcycle?

For a 50cc motorcycle or less, you need at least the BSR (AM license). A license A and B is not necessary if you already have the BSR. People born before 1988 can drive a 50cm3 scooter or motorcycle without a licence.

What is the best trike or motor tricycle?

Among the old models, the RF1 LT3 or the Celtik are very qualitative. Check out our full ranking for a more in-depth opinion.

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