Motorcycle Accidents?

What Are the Leading Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?


Motorcycle users are more likely to suffer severe damage in the event of a crash compared to their vehicle counterparts. A simple explanation is that the riders can’t be protected in the event of a crash and they end up being thrown off their bike. This calls for the riders to be extra careful on the roads, but then, they’re not always entirely to blame for all accidents.

Being two-wheeled means there’s a narrower field of vision exposing them to higher risk against other road users with bigger vehicles. In the event of such an accident, the motorcycle rider may take legal action against the parties responsible to hold them accountable. With the help of a lawyer, victims will also be able to follow up on insurance claims to see they’re fairly compensated. The motorcycle accident lawyer at Salamati Law Firm in Los Angeles, CA has provided some of the common causes of motorcycle accidents on most roads in the United States that you should be fully aware of.

Rider Inexperience

The leading cause of motorcycle accidents is rider inexperience. Inexperienced riders don’t know how to handle their bikes in emergency situations and they often panic when they need to make a quick decision.

Influence of Drugs and Alcohol

Alcohol has been shown to impair reaction time as well as judgment, which can be very dangerous while riding a motorcycle. Drugs often cause misinterpretation of reality which can result in fatality in the event of an accident.

Poor Visibility

Because of their size, other cars are far much easier to spot on the road compared to motorcycles. Ona foggy road or one that has many corners, it is even riskier for riders. The inabilityof the other drivers to see motorcyclists on the road makes this factor among the leading causes of these accidents on the road.

Road Hazards

Riders are always advised against driving fast on roads they are unfamiliar with. This is because it is easier to navigate a road with debris and potholes when riding at an optimal speed. Coming across such hazards when at high speed can easily cause the driver to lose control of their bikes.

Unsafe Lane Changes

The perk of having a motorcycle means that you’re not as limited as other drivers when it comes to getting stuck in traffic. Unfortunately, not all motorcycle riders follow safety rules when changing lanes. This means that they’re likely to end up in the other driver’s blind spots which can result in accidents.

Left Turns

Riders making left-turns at intersections must yield or give way to the oncoming traffic. This puts them at direct risk against other drivers racing against the traffic lights. This is especially worse when the driver has an obstructed view of the rider if they’re temporarily hidden by another vehicle.


Motorcycle accidents are a major cause of death for many people all over the world. Studies were done to determine the leading causes of these accidents have found many factors, including rider inexperience, alcohol use, and speeding. These accidents often result in injuries that are severe and permanent, and victims are twice as likely to die in a motorcycle accident than car drivers and passengers.

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